Filipino police say severed head found belongs to executed Canadian hostage

The Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory issued a statement Tuesday saying it has established positive identification of the decapitated head found in Jolo, Sulu, June 13, as that of kidnapped Canadian Robert Hall.

Hall was among a group kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf group in September 2015.

The confirmation was made Tuesday by Chief Superintendent Emmanuel Aranas, director of the PNP Crime Laboratory, during a news conference at Camp Crame.

Aranas said that forensic examiners established a match between the DNA profile of the head with the DNA profile of Hall obtained from a database in Canada.

DNA samples matched those of Hall’s profile given by the Canadian Embassy, the Philippine National Police said Tuesday. Hall was beheaded by Abu Sayyaf on June 13 after a ransom deadline passed.

The crime laboratory took custody of the severed head after it was recovered by authorities on the night of June 13. It was flown to Manila and was processed at the laboratory following forensic examination protocol and DNA extraction procedures.