FBI investigating after firefighter’s home set on fire after he received a racist letter

A volunteer firefighter in New York state received a racist letter in his mailbox Monday, reportedly threatening if he’d regret not handing his resignation in at the fire department, had his home set on fire Wednesday in North Tonawanda.

Kenneth Walker is the only black man in the department, and investigators say they are unsure if there is a correlation between the letter and the fire.

Fire Chief Joseph Sikora said the letter used the N-word a couple of times. Walker told reporters Tuesday that the letter said blacks “are not allowed to be firefighters” and, “No one wants you in our city.”

Sikora and other residents expressed disbelief, shame and disgust over the letter Walker received and said threats like this are taken seriously, especially in light of recent threats to police officers nationally that have turned violent.

Walker and his family were out of their home at the time of the fire, but their two cats died.

The FBI is now looking into the case.