Facebook Users Furious Over Rapists’ Release

Facebook users took to their posts to express their outrage after news spread of two males who were arrested for raping a female on Sunday, January 4.

Kyle Frickey, 21 and Boyd Mamolo, 20, confessed to raping the victim at Pearl on the Concho hotel.

Frickey originally met the victim through online interactions. They later agreed to meet and had consensual intercourse at the hotel.

Later on, Mamolo showed up and the two men raped the victim while she plead for them to stop repeatedly.

Frickey reportedly told the victim to “Stop resisting, you know you want it.”

The two men were arrested for Sexual Assault but later released on $50,000 bond.

Facebook users reposted the news story with comments such as “I can’t believe they’re out on the streets again.” and “More needs to be done.”

It is likely the two men will stand trial at a later date.

Details will be updated as they are released.