Ex-cop faces federal charges in shooting/killing during a traffic stop

In April 2015, a bystander captured video footage of a police officer firing his gun eight times into Walter Scott, which resulted in Scott’s death.


According to multiple sources Wednesday morning, a South Carolina former police officer, Michael Slager, has been indicted on federal charges obstruction of justice, unlawful use of a weapon during the commission of a crime and as well as depriving the victim of his civil rights.

Scott, a 50-year old black man, was stopped by the former officer. He ran from the traffic stop and caused a national debate on how white officers treat black citizens.

Slager was charged with murder in state court and fired from the North Charleston Police Department. He was placed on house arrest after he was held in solitary confinement and was released on half a million dollars bond.

Slager’s state trial is set for Fall 2016, where he faces a possible life sentence without parole. However, prosecutors have asked for his trial to moved up to August or May 2017.

In Fall 2015, North Charleston approved a $6.5 million dollar civil settlement with Scott’s family.