Eli Young Band loses tour bus, trailer in fire; no injuries reported

The Eli Young Band lost its band tour bus and trailer Tuesday night to a fire.

According to a press release from the band’s PR firm, band members received a call last from long-time driver Randy Moore with news that one of their two buses, along with the trailer, were on fire.

The bus was parked just outside of Topeka, Kansas, where Moore was planning to sleep for the night before heading to the band’s next show. The fire was detected close to midnight when Moore was just about to fall asleep. The release said Moore heard an alarm that he had never heard and went to the front to look out the window, realizing the bus was engulfed in flames.

Moore escaped unharmed, only minutes before the bus was a total loss, and managed to save one of the band’s guitars in the process. Everything else in the bus and trailer was destroyed by the fire.

“We’ve lost more than a bus here. There are memories and possessions that we can’t replace. It’s really sad to see her go. We’re just happy that our driver Randy is safe.” lead singer Mike Eli said.

Bass player Jon Jones said, “We spent six great years living and traveling in our bus. It was gone in a matter of minutes. Thank goodness that everyone is safe. Our driver, Randy, was able to grab one guitar, but the rest is gone. This is a sad moment. So many great memories and things collected over the years that can’t be replaced but we know how much worse it could have been.”