Dump truck unloads on Henry’s Diner parking lot because of fire

A San Angelo Police officer pulled a dump truck over when he saw smoke coming out of his truck Tuesday morning.

According to Lieutenant Naylor with the San Angelo Fire Department they received a call at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday about a fire in a dump truck. An SAPD officer was driving on Sherwood Way when he noticed smoke coming out of a dump truck in front of him.

dump truck fire





When the officer pulled him over they quickly realized there was a fire inside the truck. The truck driver pulled into the parking lot at Henry’s Diner, 3015 Sherwood Way, and dumped the load out.

dump truck fire





“When we got there the entire load was on fire,” Naylor said.

According to Naylor, the driver was unaware of where he might have picked up something hot, but he said the load before the last one he picked up had a lot of paper in it.

The firefighters managed to put out the fire.

“We have everything under control now,” he said.