Ducks and geese to be euthanized at Odessa’s Memorial Gardens Park

Ducks and geese were being gathered early Wednesday morning in Memorial Gardens Park in Odessa to be euthanized.

A reporter from CBS 7 News in Midland/Odessa was broadcasting live from the park Wednesday, saying workers had fed the ducks and geese and gathered them near a fenceline, where the birds became lethargic and some were falling over in the live feed.

“I witnessed one duck start trying to walk, then fell over and not moving,” the reporter said.

According to a media release from the City of Odessa earlier this week, there will be necessary maintenance performed on the two bridges in the park.

The release said that Texas Wildlife Services Program will also be onsite working to reduce the overpopulation of wild fowl at the pond.

“The overcrowding of ducks and geese is creating a health and sanitation issue. There have also been numerous reports of aggressive geese.” the release said.

“We apologize for the inconvenience, but the temporary closure of the park is necessary for the health and safety of our citizens,” Steve Patton, Director of Parks & Recreation.

Protesters gathered earlier this week to try to save the waterfowl.

The park will reopen Thursday.