Drinking, pot lead to dangerous sexual decisions, study says

A study released from New York University said marijuana and alcohol use can lead to unique sexual effects and somewhat risky sexual behavior.

Published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers talked to adults about their sexual experience while drunk or stoned. A total of 24 adults were interviewed; 12 male and 12 female all identified as heterosexual.

According to NYU, drunk people make bad sexual decisions, but stoned people make some bad decisions that seem to be more selective in choosing a partner to do it with.

Participants were noted “favorable sexual effects” during the use of alcohol or marijuana and said each came with unique sexual dysfunctions like impotence and vaginal dryness.

A release related to the study indicated, alcohol use was commonly associated with outgoingness and in aid to make connections with potential sexual partners. Alcohol was more likely to lead to atypical partner choice or post-sex regret than marijuana. The study concluded those while drunk had lower standards when it came to sexual partners.

Anxiety or a sense of wariness in uncharted territory apparently is associated with marijuana use. Joseph J. Palamar, an assistant professor of Populate Health at NYU Langone Medical Center said, sexual encounters of those on marijuana tended to have sexual relations with individuals they knew.

According to NYU, drunk people make bad sexual decisions,  while stoned people made those decisions but seemed to be more selective in choosing a partner to do it with.

Increased feelings of self-attractiveness were linked to both drugs and alcohol participants reported feelings of increased sociability and boldness.