Drug Bust Outside of Credit Union

At approximately 2 in the afternoon on Friday, February 9, an unidentified male was pulled over by an officer with the San Angelo Police Department in front of Concho Valley Credit Union.

The male was asked to exit the vehicle and required to sit on the sidewalk under officer supervision.

A short while later, Officer Tumlinson with the K9 unit and Vader arrived on the scene to do an exterior search of the charcoal grey Chevy Camarro.

After Vader alerted Tumlinson to the presence of narcotics, a box that appeared to be wrapped like an Amazon shipped product was pulled from the vehicle.

A gun was also discovered within the vehicle.

Unidentified narcotics were present within this box and Tumlinson signaled to the other officers that the suspect should be placed under arrest.

This is an ongoing investigation and we will update the story as more information becomes available.