Downtown Stabbing

On Sunday, October 15, local police came across an assault of a 26-year old man from Abilene in a local parking lot.

Patrolling police came across Zachary Navarro, 22, and Lydia Sharp, 30, in an active fight downtown between Twohig and S. Chadbourne.

When police intervene, Sharp was on top of the victim, punching him in the face, while Navarro stood nearby.

Officers discovered a knife used in the assault.

Upon investigating, officers discovered that the victim was walking downtown with a friend when he heard Navarro yelling profanities at Sharp from across the street. The victim told Navarro to stop yelling at Sharp  which caused Navarro to physically assault the victim.

During the assault, Navarro caused superficial wounds to the victim with a knife and cut his own hand.

San Angelo Fire Department Medics responded to the scene and treated the parties for their minor injuries.

Navarro was charged with Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon and Sharp was charged with Assault Causes Bodily Injury.  The pair was transported to the Tom Green County Jail where they were later released on Bond.