Dolly Shine holding CD release party/performance Friday

The wait for a new release from Texas band Dolly Shine is over Friday as the band will hold a CD release party for its latest compilation of work, “Walkabout” Friday at Blaine’s Pub.  Although the bio for the band says they hail from Stephenville, the group is “a melting pot of Texas towns,” according to lead singer and one of the band’s co-founders, Zach McGinn. In fact, they really all from all over including the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Comanche, St. Joe, Mason and even as far as the West Coast. But when they come together, they form a cohesive group that puts all of its energy into live performances, writing and recording.

Their most recent effort, “Walkabout” is what McGinn calls “collectively as a whole, the best set of songs we’ve written as a unit.”

“You know, as far as other records that we’ve had, I think it shows a lot more maturity. You can definitely tell in the musicianship and the strength of the band as a whole,” McGinn said in a telephone interview. “We did this as more of a team.”

McGinn said primarily, in the past, he has been one of the primary songwriters for the band but credits the new album as a showcase the entire band and their songwriting skills.

The album’s first single “Rattlesnake” sets the Americana landscape: desolate, dried up and as lonely as his broken soul, according to a press bio from the group’s PR firm. “Rattlesnake” and the remainder of the album’s songs (nine in total) are what is described as an honest, uncensored telling of the human condition. Its voice is tinged with angst and injustice and it is absolutely not sorry about it one bit, the release said.

At the Blaine’s show, McGinn said the band is going to bring the same intensity it brings to all shows because the group continues to be “fan powered”.

“Those are the people that fuel your fire to be able to play your music. I think its very important to play to your fans.”

And play to fans they will. McGinn said to look forward to an evening of old favorites and some, the band hopes, will become new favorites.