Cowboys fan gets inked, predicts Super Bowl winner

A Dallas Cowboys fan is confident that the 11-1 team will win the Super Bowl, and to commemorate his prediction,  he got a “Super Bowl LI Champions” tattoo Wednesday with the team’s logo on his right arm.

As reported by the New York Post,  Jordan Garnett, a comedian from Palm Beach, Florida, said this tattoo has led to death threats from fans who see the ink as a certified jinx for the Cowboys.

“Stop messaging me saying it’s fake,” Garnett said on Twitter. “It’s 100% real. I had no idea getting a tattoo would result in death threats. Relax. We will win.”

The 24-year-old said he has been a Cowboys fan since 1999, missing the Cowboys’ dynasty of three Super Bowls in four years.

Garnett said the Cowboys will not lose a game for the rest of the season as the season is one for the books.