After Copa loss, Messi announces likely retirement from international soccer

After losing the Copa America final to Chile on penalties Sunday, Lionel Messi, the Argentinian soccer team captain said he will likely retire from international soccer.leo messi

According to multiple sources, after two sides were held to a stalemate following extra time, Messi missed a penalty kick. He said the first thing that came to his mind was the thought of this being the end for him and his Argentinian soccer team, resulting in his likely retirement.

Out of the four major competition finals with Argentina he has played, he has lost every single one. Messi expresses the movement of people who want to see him retire and feels this is the best decision for everyone including himself whom has tried several times to obtain championship with Argentina but has failed.

When asked directly about his decision on leaving team Argentina, Messi responded, “I think so, I don’t know, it is how I feel and think right now. This is a huge sadness and I missed the penalty.”

Other players have been known to announce their retirement from international football previously, but have reversed their decisions.

Sergio Romero, the Argentine goalkeeper, thinks his teammate Messi, may have announced his decision in quitting hastily and spoke in a heated moment.