Construction of a new police station a top priority in 2016

San Angelo Police DepartmentSan Angelo Police Department

Officials with the City of San Angelo and the San Angelo Police Department will address the need for a new police station in 2016. 

The current station, a 45,000-square-foot structure at 401 E. Beauregard Ave., was built in 1963. Back then, SAPD had 90 employees total. Today, the police force has grown much larger. According to San Angelo City Manager Daniel Valenzuela, during weekday business hours alone, about 90 people are working in the building. Every space is being used in the building, records and evidence rooms are overflowing. Including its outlying locations, the SAPD occupies about 75,000 square feet total. Consultants have said the SAPD needs in excess of 100,000 square feet.

In a letter from the San Angelo Public Information office, Valenzuela said the current police station is landlocked and beyond salvaging as a police station but could be used for other city purposes. The plumbing, electrical and HVAC system are very old and are in need of repair and updating.

Cramped quarters at the station have forced Chief Tim Vasquez to move the narcotics, traffic and community services divisions to satellite locations, hampering the teamwork needed to practice the problem-oriented policing he has instituted.

In 2014, City Council adopted as one of its five priorities, along with issues such as water and streets, the development of a new police station.
In 2015, Council approved a $1.6 million purchase of the First Financial Bank building at 301 W. Beauregard Ave. While the building could be used to house other City operations, such as a modern water customer service and billing office, after four years of exploring potential sites, the City Council, City management and Vasquez agreed that location would be the spot to build a new police station because of the property’s central location, visibility, accessibility and size offer great potential. City officials still have to determine the cost of building the police station at the location.
The city is converting a large portion of its debt capacity to pay for $80 million in street reconstruction and improvement projects. The money to pay for the construction of a new police station will most likely come from a bond election.
The city is in the process of completing the purchase of the land at 301 W. Beauregard Ave. Valenzuela said preliminary talks to do an evaluation of the property to determine the cost of the project will begin in April.