Clinton offers remarks on lost bid for the White House, asks for a chance for Trump to lead

Hillary Clinton took to the podium Wednesday morning to offer remarks on her lost bid for the White House. Clinton, joined  on stage by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, thanked supporters for the past year and a half of hard work.

Additionally, Clinton thanked her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine, his wife, Anne, and President Barack Obama, as well as her husband, daughter Chelsea and family and her staff.

Clinton apologized to supporters that they did not win this election, but said she feels pride and gratitude for the campaign.

She said she spoke to president-elect Donald Trump and “offered to work with him on behalf of the country.”

“We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.” she said.

The former Secretary of State said although the loss will be painful for a long time, but it “was about the country that we love” and said the American dream is big enough for all.

Clinton said even though she didn’t break the “glass ceiling” it will be done soon.

“Our best days are still ahead of us.” she said. “I believe we are stronger together and we will go forward together.”

Clinton led the popular vote, but lost to Trump in the electoral college.