Civilian’s Report Stops Attempted Vehicle Robberies

On the evening of Wednesday, January 10, a civilian called in to report a vehicle burglary in progress near Cyndi Lane.

The suspects were masked and attempting to break into several vehicles in that area.

When officers arrived on the scene, one of the suspects, identified as Alex Blanco, fled on foot.

While fleeing, Blanco began to empty his pockets of stolen items from the robbed vehicles, which included sunglasses and rifle magazines.

Blanco was captured quickly and the property was returned to the owner.

Blanco has been charged with Burglary of Vehicle and Evading Arrest Detention.

Helping Blanco with the vehicle burglaries, were 17-year old Ryland D. Kimula and 19-year old Sammy Torres.

Torres faces Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia charges.

Kimula has been charged with Burglary of Vehicle.