City Council to hear first reading of short term rentals ordinance proposal Tuesday

City of San Angelo

The San Angelo City Council meets at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday at the McNease Convention Center to cover a number of agenda items. On the agenda are items which include the first reading of a proposed short term rental ordinance.

No decision about short-term rentals were made during an October Council meeting, where public opinion was heard.

Members of the public offered their opinions on STRs which included:

  • Some do not want STR because it will increase property values;
  • Some do not want STR because it will increase traffic;
  • Some do not want STR because it will increase noise and parties;
  • Some do not want STR because they will not know who their neighbors are at all times; and
  • Some do not want STR because they do not want to put too many people in the neighborhood.

Proposed standards discussed for the STRs include:

  • No more than two adults per bedroom;
  • No outdoor gatherings of more than 20 people;
  • No outdoor gatherings between 10:30 p.m. to 7 a.m.;
  • No more than six unrelated people;
  • Two parking spaces per home, plus more for B&B;
  • Signage only allowed for B&B, not STR; and
  • Registration, certificate of occupancy and an annual fire inspection.
A memo from Jon James, Director of Planning & Development Services, Planning and Development Services, said like many other cities, San Angelo has seen increased interest in short term rentals or rentals of homes for a period of less than 30 days, particularly in the neighborhoods around Lake Nasworthy. While the City currently has regulations for Bed and Breakfast establishments, other short term rentals are treated as a hotel/motel use, which is not allowed within residential zoning districts. City staff has met with both proponents and opponents of these rentals, as well as representatives of the Lake Nasworthy Homeowners Association, and held a discussion item with the Planning Commission. Based on all of those discussions, staff drafted amendments to the Zoning Ordinance to specifically address Short Term Rentals, as distinct from Bed and Breakfast establishments. These amendments are intended to strike a balance that will generally allow this use in single-family neighborhoods, but with some restrictions to address common concerns from neighbors.
Subsequent to the last meeting where this issue was discussed, staff met with a representative from both the opponents and the proponents of short term rentals to work out a possible compromise ordinance, as directed by Council.

Also on the agenda are:

  • Consider a resolution requesting the members of the 85th Legislative Session of the State of Texas support the passage of legislation for fair distribution of the sporting tax revenue for local and state parks and requiring Texas Recreation and Parks Account funded projects be subject to the competitive scoring system established by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and there is no expenditure related to the passage of this resolution;
  • The allocation of $1.5 million for City parks; and
  • Consideration of the renewal of the contract with Concho Valley Transit District.