City Council Preview: 2/16/2016

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The San Angelo City Council will meet Tuesday. Discussion of a possible sex offender ordinance will continue from a previous meeting, amending the City’s current dog park ordinance and a popular fishing pier on Lake Nasworthy are all on the agenda. In a previous meeting, council members heard a presentation from San Angelo Police Chief Tim Vasquez on sex offenders in San Angelo. Vasquez said the police department maintains a Sex Offender Accountability Program (SOAP). SOAP assigns officers from all divisions to make unannounced visits to all registered sex offender once per quarter.  When council previously discussed the topic, some council members were wanting more information before creating a local city ordinance.

The Red Arroyo Trails project is nearly complete and the second phase of the project, the dog park, will begin construction once the trails are complete. Parks and Recreation Department staff are seeking City Council’s adoption of ordinances related to designated dog park. In general, the proposed ordinances will allow for the City Council to designate dog parks where dogs, under supervision of a responsible person, may be unleashed. The ordinances address visitor responsibilities, general rules, dog behavior and penalties. Penalties would be a misdemeanor charge with a fine up to $500.

Council will also hear a report about the condition of a large pier by Mary E. Lee Park. According to a report to council, the pier is popular with local and visiting anglers. A study was done by an engineering firm, who recommended replacing the pier because of the extent of deterioration. Cost to replace the pier is estimated at $260,000-330,000, depending on material choices. Removal cost of the existing pier is about $50,000. A proposed budget for the removal and replacement of the pier should be set at about $400,000.