City Council approves special military training to be conducted in San Angelo

In the last San Angelo City Council meeting, there was a lot of discussion to allow U.S. Army Special Operations troops to conduct training within the San Angelo city limits.

Commissioner Bill Ford was asked to talk to council on behalf of the U.S. Army Special Operation Command about a training they are wanting to conduct in San Angelo. Ford told council this type of military exercise in not conducted on any base in the United States because it’s a specialized training that has to be conducted in a civilian or reality type setting. Participants are being trained for hostile government takeovers. They would go over to another country where civilians are in a hostile government and they would be helping those civilians to get their country back. Ford said soldiers would stay out of the vision of the public while training is taking place. Soldiers will not be dressed in military gear. They dress like civilians and drive civilian vehicles.

After a lengthy discussion and public comments, City Council voted to approve a letter of invitation to the the U.S. Army Specials Operation Command inviting them into San Angelo to conduct their training. The training will take place from March 10 to June 5, 2016.

After a recent online survey conducted by the City of San Angelo it was revealed that 76 percent  of survey respondents said they want monthly bulk pickup and recyclables collected every other week. Right now, bulk pickup is quarterly and recyclables are picked up every week. Pickup of regular trash would remain the same at once per week. From the recent City Council meeting, City Council instructed the solid waste division to return with proposed changes to the trash collection contract and the ordinance.

City Council pulled the item to discuss a funding options for water and sewer line rehabilitation.