Chief Vasquez and Mayor Morrison speak following Dallas attack on police

Law enforcement agencies across the nation are coming together to offer condolences and support for Dallas Police officers and their community. Friday afternoon, San Angelo Police Chief Tim Vasquez and San Angelo Mayor Dwain Morrison addressed the media at the San Angelo Police Headquarters. 

Vasquez said he wanted to address the community during this volatile time in the wake of the recent shooting events.

“Blue lives matter, black lives matter and not because of blue or black, but because they are lives,” Vasquez said.

The Dallas attack Thursday night that killed five police officers and injured seven ranks as one of the deadliest attacks on U.S. law enforcement in the past 100 years.

Vasquez gave these words of support to the San Angelo community:

“As the last few days of police chief what I look to and with most gratitude is the support this community gives their officers everyday and the pride with which these officers serve you. So I would like to ask you today to continue to look at each other and not see blue or black before you see a neighbor and a friend and regardless of race or religion, neighborhood or politics my prayer is that we may serve as a model for looking past our divisions to see where we can unite because whatever we can’t agree on, we can all agree that we don’t want another mother to lose her son.”

Vasquez wanted to remind people to look at the struggles our nation has faced and look at the accomplishments that have been made to create a positive relationship between citizens and law enforcement.


Vasquez serves as the president of the State of Texas Police Chief Association and has been in communication with police chiefs across the state.

“Through talks with police chiefs across the state and other states, the same thoughts are being shared, we can not choose to move away from community policing styles. We must push forward,” Vasquez said.

Vasquez said that San Angelo does not have an issue of a community at odds with police and the community and the police department have to keep working hard to not have those same issues.


Morrison echoed Vasquez’s message of the community coming together.

Morrison began his speech saying “We are fortunate in San Angelo and we are fortunate because we have worked and we have worked as a community to keep harmony and peace amongst our neighbors, our police and our city.”

Morrison continued to deliver a speech about loving one another.

“Color lines, culture lines, male or female has no boundaries in God’s eyes. We are the same,” said Mayor Morrison.


Memorial for fallen officers outside of San Angelo Police Station Headquarters