Chief of police and SMD 5 sworn in; agenda items discussed in City Council meeting

City of San Angelo

City Council held its regular meeting Tuesday with multiple items on its agenda, but the special agenda focused on the swearing in of new Chief of Police, Frank Carter, and City Council Single Member District 5 member, Lane Carter. 



The meeting started with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as Mayor Dwain Morrison proclaiming July 20 as “Jordan Holden Day.”

Three friends were surprised as two armed intruders entered one of the three friend’s home, Morrison read in the proclamation. Jordan Holden sustained a gunshot wound to the chest, as he came to the homeowner’s aid. Despite the wound, he chased the burglars through the house and into the backyard. Holden collapsed and died as the burglars made their escape. They have yet to be captured.

Holden earned merit badges for exhibiting strength, endurance and integrity.

charlotte farmer

A decision was made to appoint Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer as new mayor pro-tem. Farmer replaces ex-City Council member and pro-tem mayor, Elizabeth Grindstaff.




Judge Allen Gilbert swore in newly-elected Chief of Police Frank Carter and SMD 5 Lane Carter councilman.



The agenda included many SAPD officers receiving recognition as coordinators for their participation in the recent Texas Police Games.

A few items on Tuesday’s agenda the City Council members approved are:

  • A presentation by Parks and Recreation Director Carl White to consider approving conceptual design of a set of three sculptures regarding the “Historic Beginnings of San Angelo,” landscaping and its placement at Bart DeWitt Park. The concept of this monument will be along the Concho River, featuring the Jumano Indians and the Lady in Blue.
  • Planning and Development Services Director John James led a first reading and public hearing of an ordinance for a street name change from “Creswell Street” to “Lighthouse Way,” for a 472 ft. length of right of way from Vaughn Street to Austin Street. A repeal also made by James was made for  an ordinance approved on Sept. 18, 2012, naming a private drive as “Time Clock Drive.”
  • The purchase of cushioned and updated seats in City Auditorium with renovation expected to be complete next Spring.
  • Water conservation and drought contingency plan, drought stages and water management measure by amending the minimum criteria for establishing water supply stage drought levels.
  • First public hearing and consideration of an ordinance amending the 2015-2016 budge for grants and capital projects.
  • A discussion and consideration of appointing council member representation on the following boards and committees were decided as follows:

Concho River Water Maser Advisory Committee – Bill Richardson will take Elizabeth Grindstaff’s spot;

Concho Valley Council of Governments General Assembly – Lane Carter will take over for Johnny Silvas;

CVCOG Transit Board – Harry Thomas will take over for Johnny Silvas’ position;

Investment Oversight Committee – Harry Thomas will take over for Rodney Fleming;  and

I-14 Gulf Coast Strategic Highway Coalition- Mayor Dwain Morrison

Agenda item I – Public hearing and consideration of the removal of Ryan Smith from the Planning Commission, requested by council member Bill Richardson. The mayor announced item Agenda I was to be pulled off the list, but did not give reason as to why this decision was made.