Changes to the New Jail Under Consideration

Plans for expanding the jail system in Tom Green County have come to a pause due to financial difficulties.

Because of this, County Commissioners have begun negotiations with KFA Architects to figure out what it would cost to add 224 beds to the new facility.

If this should be a feasible alternative, the county is considering only having the new jail in operation and shutting down the old jail entirely.

The county had planned to begin construction on a second jail, however the cost of running two jails at once has exceeded the financial ability of the county.

The current jail that exists costs $7.7 billion to run. Opening up a second jail would cost an addition $875,000 to run, which the county has decided is not in the budget at this time.

Complications with the new jail’s construction also impacts the renovation of the courthouse.

The renovation of the court house will be held off until the new jail is completed.