Cellphones linked to causing cancer, WHO/ACS say no proof found

The World Health Organization and American Cancer Society have researched and examined evidence and have found no proof that radio frequency signals used in cellphones affect the health.

According to multiple sources, unlike ionizing radiation, radio frequency energy does not cause DNA damage that can lead to cancer.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences is carrying out a large scale study in rodents of exposure to radio frequency. These investigations are being conducted in labs that are highly specialized and can control the sources of radiation and measure their effects to specification.

Male rats exposed to a type of radiation used by the U.S. wireless telephone industry reported to have found two types of tumors. Tumors in the brain and the other in the heart were reported to be found according to a 74-page report by the U.S. government funded study.

People are concerned over three main reasons that cellphones could have the potential to cause health or cancer problems. These reasons range from cellphones emitting radio frequency energy,  growth of cellphone users has increased rapidly and the number of calls and time usage that being spent on the cellphone are all reasons people link to causing health or cancer problems.

Improvements in cellphone technology have resulted in devices that have no lower power outputs than earlier models.

The wireless trade group CTIA, said in a statement that statistics showing brain cancer rates have remained stable since mid 1980s when mobile phones were introduced.