Catapult used to launch drugs over border dismantled by US and Mexican authorities

Douglas Station Border Patrol agents recently seized two bundles of marijuana catapulted across the border from Mexico.

While patrolling an area east of the Douglas Port of Entry in Arizona on Feb. 10, agents noticed several people on the south side quickly retreating from the fence as they approached. When agents arrived at the fence they found a catapult system attached to the south side of the border fence. They searched the area and located two bundles of marijuana.

Agents contacted law enforcement authorities in Mexico who responded to investigate. U.S. Border Patrol agents dismantled the catapult system which was seized by Mexican authorities. Border Patrol agents took possession of the marijuana, which weighed more than 47 pounds combined.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials acknowledged assistance from their law enforcement partners in Mexico, as well as U.S. citizens who often report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol.