Card skimmers found in local fuel pumps

Several credit/debit card skimmers were discovered inside the fuel pumps at local Star Stop stores Friday.

At approximately 4:15 p.m. Friday Feb. 5, Officer L. Kvittem was called out to a Star Stop convenience store located at 2902 N Bryant Blvd. An employee at the store had discovered a credit/debit card skimmer inside one of the fuel pumps.

A credit/debit card skimmer is used to store information from the card’s magnetic strip which then is used by a criminal to make cloned credit/debit cards or access bank accounts.

After the skimmer was located, other Star Stop stores were checked and more skimmers were found inside the fuel pumps at the stores at 705 N Main and 107 S Abe.

San Angelo Police Department is conducting an investigation to identify the individuals who placed the skimmers inside the fuel pumps and they are working on contacting all other convenience stores in town to have their fuel pumps checked as well.

SAPD asks that citizens who have purchased fuel from any of the stores mentioned above monitor their bank accounts for fraudulent transactions. If any such transactions are detected, immediately contact your bank or credit card company to report the transaction and cancel your cards. Police reports should also be made through SAPD’s website for Debit/Credit Card Abuse.

If anyone has any information about who installed the skimmers, contact detective L. Dye at 325-657-4332. Tips can also be made at, via text: text TIP SAPD to 888777 or by phone at 1-855-TIPS-247.