Canadian immigration website crashed as 2016 election results rolled in

Citizens looking to make good on promises to move to Canada if Donald Trump was elected into the White House crashed the Canadian immigration website as results started rolling in Tuesday night.

“It has led to speculation that the problem is the result of increased traffic from US citizens in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory. Officials from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) service could not be reached for comment,” according to the BBC.

Among the celebrities who vowed to move out of the country should Trump win are Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Cher, George Lopez, Miley Cyrus and Whoopi Goldberg. So far, none of these celebrities have announced a departure date or if they’ve changed their minds.

Wednesday morning, the CIC issued a release on its now-functional website with instructions on “How to move to Canada from the U.S.”

The CIC says Americans thinking of moving to Canada should be aware of certain potential consequences of following through on their move. These include tax consequences, dual citizenship, health care, bringing a family, potential inadmissibility issues and settlement issues.

Americans are also reminded to consider any past law infractions that may make a move to Canada impossible.

“Many U.S. citizens may not be aware that a prior offense, even one as seemingly minor as a driving violation, may render a person inadmissible to Canada. If you are in any doubt, you will need to know what steps to take before and during your Canadian immigration or temporary resident visa application process in order to be permitted to enter Canada. Some examples of convictions that could make you inadmissible to Canada include: DUI, DWAI, theft, petty theft/larceny, assault, drunk & disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice, and possession of marijuana, cocaine or other controlled substances/drugs.”