California Jr. high school student brings meth-laced “candy” to school

A student at Ione Junior High School in Ione, California, was found in possession of a pink tablet that they told officials was a Smarties candy. After confiscating the tablet, a test showed it tested positive as methamphetamine.

The City of Ione Police Department said they were contacted Monday and conducted an investigation into the tablet. A release from the department said they feel this was an isolated incident. Additionally, the department said they are working with local schools to ensure the safety of the students and will be inviting parents and school staff to an upcoming meeting to address the issue and provide information about illegal drugs in the community.

Amador County Unified School District, in a release from interim superintendent Frank S. Porter, said school administration at Ione Junior High took prompt disciplinary action and notified local law enforcement.

The release said, “We would like to urge parents to take the time to sit down and remind your children to be cautious about taking what may appear to be candy from other students. Parents may want to spend time online researching the different types of drugs that can be masked as candy or other popular snacks.”

Porter said that administrative staff at the junior high and throughout the school district will remain vigilant and work closely with local law enforcement agencies to do everything possible to keep students and campuses safe.