Brenda Gunter officially announces bid for mayor’s seat

“With a great deal of nervousness, I am happy to announce my running for mayor of San Angelo, Texas,” businesswoman Brenda Gunter began her speech to a small crowd gathered in front of Legend Jewelers in downtown San Angelo.

Gunter focused on small business, trash services, water rates, permit fees and property taxes as main issues she will be addressing in her campaign.

“I’ve never run for political office ever before, so you can be assured that when I speak it’s about being an individual who’s concerned about what we do in this town to make our town successful. If the small business community is doing well, city hall will do well.”

Gunter also announced her choice for treasurer will be Col. Charles Powell. “Charlie Powell has been an important person in terms of our relationship with Goodfellow Air Force Base. He represents a senior citizen as well, and I think we know that the retirement community in San Angelo is an important community.”

Gunter stressed her background in various businesses both large and small. “Most of you know me as someone who’s been very involved in the San Angelo Inc. redevelopment and as the owner of Miss Hattie’s. But before I moved to San Angelo I spent 25 years in the fashion industry, and if you think politics are tough, you ought to be in the fashion industry. It’s one of the toughest industries you can be in.”

She said she hopes to spread the kind of developments she has worked on in the downtown area to the rest of the city. “If we can take a little bit of what we’ve done for this downtown area and expand on that for the rest of San Angelo, that’s a winning formula.”

Gunter was born in Winona, Kansas, and attended Kansas State University before working her way from executive training at Sanger-Harris in Dallas to vice presidencies at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s in New York City. She was eventually named president of the Calvin Klein collection in New York.

After marrying prominent San Angelo businessman Ken Gunter in the 90s, she moved to San Angelo. She is the owner and operator of Miss Hattie’s and has served in civic organizations for the last 20 years.