Bomb threat hoax at Sam’s Club, Walmart temporarily closes stores Tuesday

San Angelo Police and fire officials responded to Sam’s Club, 5749 Sherwood Way, and the Walmart SuperCenter, 5501 Sherwood Way, Tuesday because of a possible bomb in the buildings.

In a statement to media, San Angelo Fire Marshal Ross Coleman said, “At approximately 11:30 this morning, right before lunch, we were notified of a possible bomb threat at Sam’s Club, so fire department and police went to the location and made a search of perimeter and throughout the store and did not find it to be a viable threat.”

At the same time, Coleman said, a secondary call of a threat was made to the Walmart location near Sam’s. The store was evacuated just as Sam’s Club was previously. The store and roof were searched, but there was no threat found at Walmart.

Coleman said officials are currently seeking caller information and asks anyone with such to contact the San Angelo Police Department.

“This is the second time this past week that we have had this type of incident.” Coleman said. “It takes up a lot of resources, it’s losing business and financial impact in the community and it is just not funny. So we are going to take this seriously and see what we can do to find this person.”

Coleman said he is not sure of how the call was made.

The stores were evacuated for approximately 30-40 minutes.

Both locations have reopened for business.


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Walmart bomb threats appear to be frequent throughout the country. The following locations received bomb threats in March alone:

March 1 – Saddle Brook, New Jersey

March 2 – Live Oak, Florida

March 3 – Lampasas, Texas

March 5 – Swatara Township, Pennsylvania

March 7 – Tulare, California

March 10 – Anderson, California

March 17 – Fountain, Colorado

March 27 – South Union Township, Pennsylvania