Bomb found near U.S. Embassy in Manila

A homemade bomb was found in a trashcan about 82 feet from the U.S. Embassy early Monday morning.

The bomb, made from a gin bottle wrapped in black tape, blasting caps, batteries and a cell phone was discovered by a street sweeper, who immediately notified authorities. A Philippine National Police bomb disposal unit was able to safely detonate the device without injury, according to CNN Philippines.

The incident was described by police as “an attempted act of terrorism.”

In September, 14 people were killed by a similar device in Davao City. That blast was linked to the ISIS-affiliated Maute group. Last week the group attacked the Mindanao town of Lanao del Sur, in an ongoing conflict where so far 19 of the militants have been killed by police.

PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa denied rumors that the Manila incident would give government a reason to declare martial law. “For God’s sake! The government will not use an incident that will cause panic, fear, and undue harm, or even death to its own people to declare martial law,” he told reporters.