BLVFD Chief Arrested

Big Lake Volunteer Fire Department Chief Alan Jimmy Garner has been charged for Misapplication of Fiduciary Property and arrested.

After Garner wrote a check out of the department’s funds to his daughter for $600, volunteers began taking a closer look into the department’s finances.

Texas Rangers were called in to investigate. They conducted witness interviews and put Garner under surveillance.

The Big Lake Wildcat reported on this incident and according to the investigation’s findings, this was not the only incident in which Garner has inappropriately used funds.

Before this, Garner spent approximately $2,168.41 at Sam’s Club on various items such as brisket, medicine, candy, steaks and protein shakes without approval from the VFD Board.

Garner also used the department’s credit card to eat at Red Lobster with his wife.

The 29-year old BLVFD veteran has been accused of stealing around $4,000.

He faces a State Jail Felony punishable with 180 days to two years in the state penitentiary and a fine not to exceed $10,000.