Blue Angels pilot blamed for a stunt crash that caused him to lose his life

A Navy report is claiming the Blue Angels flight crash that occurred on June 2, on pilot Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss, which caused him his life in Smyrna, Tennessee.


While preparing for an air show in Tennessee the crash has been said to have occurred as a result in pilot error. The Navy report said he could not complete a maneuver in his F/A-18 jet.

Reportedly Kuss was flying Blue Angel Number 6 and was going too fast, he was not high enough when he tried what is called a “Split S” maneuver.

He transitioned from a high performance climb to the Split S too low and too fast, and by not deselecting his afterburners during the maneuver, he continued to accelerate. “The net effect of the deviation was that the aircraft was simply too low and too fast to avoid impacting the ground,” said the report.

Also mentioned in the report was Kuss did not take any actions that could have possibly prevented the crash and then he tried to eject from the aircraft too late