Barbecue pit cause of fire at a San Angelo home

A preliminary investigation revealed that a barbecue pit was the cause of a structure fire at 612 E. 46th St. Tuesday afternoon. 

According to Ricky Long, San Angelo Fire Department Battalion Chief, the fire in a barbecue pit ignited flames on the back wall of the house that traveled up to the eave line and into the attic that contained a large amount of combustibles.

fire 46 st 6

When crew arrived on scene there were flames on the back wall and made contact with the flames outside of the house.

“We could not make final attack because we could not shut the electrical down for reasons unknown to us it did not work,” said Long.

Once AEP arrived on scene firefighters were able to knock down some of the wall to attack the fire.

fire 46 st 4

There were no injuries. Initial investigation suggest the house will need repair to the back room and possibly a new roof.

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