ASU Wins Gold for “Military Friendly” Services

Photo Courtesy of ASU Website

ASU has once again been named a military friendly school for the year of 2017.This is ASU’s ninth consecutive year winning this title. To top it off, the Veterans Educational and Transitional Services (VETS) Center received Gold-level ranking for their work, which helps military service members in an academic capacity. Winning Gold-level ranking means that ASU has programs that scored within twenty percent of the tenth-ranked institution.

The university received this award based on an 84-page survey compared against other universities. The survey required a lot of information on such subjects as the number of military students compared to non-military students, how quickly those military students graduate and their GPA at graduation. The survey also touched on more official information such as the university’s academic policies and compliance and the student’s financial aid and loan repayment.

The VETS Center provides resources for military students to succeed but also a way for them to interact with one another. They provide tutoring, a lounge and special events for students to socialize, and VA education benefit assistance. The staff at the VETS Center interact with active duty members, veterans and their dependents to help achieve academic success and find fellow military members

“The service member students at ASU don’t need to establish a ‘learning community’ – they simply need to reconnect with their fellow war fighters, and the VETS Center gives them the perfect place to do so.” Susan Williams, the Director of Affiliated Military and Veterans Services, said.

Many students who are known at the VETS Center pursue careers in Border and Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, Security Studies or Intelligence, Security Studies and Analysis through the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center. Ms. Williams said that the facility uses advanced teaching techniques and education that is well connected to today’s culture and that will be relevant to a military student’s learning and future career.

Jacob Welchon, sophomore, said, “Truly it is because of how hard Phil, Susan and the other employees work, that ASU is good for vets.”  Welchon is a Marine Reserve and is pursuing graphic design. showed a listing of the various schools taken into account for this award and others. ASU is among only five other Texas based universities who were also awarded Gold-level ranking.  The other five schools include El Paso Community College District, Houston Baptist University, Mountain View College, Texas State Technical College and Texas Tech. Approximately twenty-nine other Texas based universities also made the list having won other level awards. Some other state schools included on this list are Abilene Christian, University of Texas (both San Antonio and Dallas locations), University of North Texas, and Texas State, among others.