Angora goat test kicks off with delivery Dec. 7

By Steve Byrns, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

The 2017 Texas A&M AgriLife Angora Goat Performance Test is set to begin with delivery of the bucks on Dec. 7 to the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Station at Sonora.

The station is located 28 miles south of Sonora on U.S. Highway 55, between Sonora and Rocksprings.

“The purpose of this program is to aid in the selection of goats that can thrive in a range environment and produce a high value fleece,” said Dr. Dan Waldron, Texas A&M AgriLife Research geneticist at San Angelo and the test’s coordinator.

Waldron said the test will be conducted on pasture so that performance is measured in an environment where the animal’s fitness is important.

“It’s important to note that we have changed the schedule for the test to have a longer period of time for evaluating fleece growth and to have a longer stapled fleece at the end of the test,” he said.

The proposed test schedule dates are:

  •  Dec. 7, delivery and initial weighing of the animals;
  •  Feb. 21, initial shearing;
  •  May 2, second weighing set 70 days from the first weighing; and
  •  July 18, final weighing and shearing. The final weighing is 77 days from the May 2 weighing resulting in a 147-day test.

A deposit of $100 per buck will be due upon delivery of the animals at the start of the test, Waldron said. If more is needed, owners will be required to add funds, or if less is used, a refund will be forthcoming.

“The fee is needed to cover the shearing, fiber analysis on the fleece, pasturage, labor, feed, ear tags and any miscellaneous supplies used,” he said.

“The bucks will be observed much less frequently than they were on our past feedlot test that many breeders are familiar with. For that reason, it is imperative that the animals be inspected at home. Do not bring any animals with health issues as AgriLife and its staff assume no liability for death losses, injuries or associated veterinary costs.”

Test entry forms and other information can be found at, then click on the Performance Tests link.

For more information, contact Waldron or Dr. Reid Redden, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service state sheep and goat specialist at San Angelo, at 325-653-4576 or email Waldron at