Alligator sighting on Lake Worth

According to a release from the City of Fort Worth, residents along the lower portions of Lake Worth have reported alligator sightings. 

The Fort Worth Nature Center staff believes high water and swift currents can displace alligator population into lower Lake Worth.

lake worth gator

This picture was posted on Facebook by Lake Worth Citizens Police Academy, a non-profit public awareness page, and taken by Bradley Estes.

The Fort Worth Marshal’s Lake Patrol office and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens assigned to Tarrant County have jurisdiction over the FWNC and frequently patrol the area by boat and vehicle.

Alligators are native to the Trinity River watershed or region. Any freshwater habitat is suitable, but alligators are most common in areas with aquatic vegetation and suitable basking sites. They prefer areas with little human activity, but will follow their food source. Alligators have been seen at Lake Worth and Eagle Mountain Lake.

Alligators were once an endangered species but they are now a protected game animal in Texas. A permit is required to hunt, raise or possess an alligator.