Airline reveals new uniforms, flight attendants demand recall

Photo Courtesy: American Airlines

American Airlines unveiled new uniforms to over 70,000 of its flight attendants in September, and although the uniforms were well-received, thousands are now demanding a recall.

As reported by USA TODAY, complaints about itching, rashes, headaches and hives surfaced within the first few weeks of the uniform roll-out. The airline began an investigation and initially said it thought the issues were isolated, possibly from attendants with a wool allergy.

In a memo to its members Wednesday, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants said a recall is necessary because of the growing number of reports of suspected reactions triggered by contact with the uniform.

However, American Airlines spokesman Ron DeFeo told The Dallas Morning News that the carrier completed three rounds of testing, and all results were in line with normal standards.

The APFA said it will continue to push for a recall.