After a rainy Sunday morning, warmer weather lies ahead

Although there have been some lighter storms early Sunday morning, no severe weather is expected in the Concho Valley.

According to meteorologist Mike Johnson at the National Weather Service in San Angelo, the Concho Valley has seen some thunder and lightning and a few pockets of heavy rainfall over the night, but the lighter storms are expected to move out of the area around 8 a.m. Sunday.

Rainy morning

“Just looking north to Sweetwater they have measured more than 2.5 inches in about an hour and a half, but it has not been quite that heavy rainfall this far south,” Johnson said.

Sterling city recorded a few inches of rain Sunday morning and San Angelo is likely looking at half an inch to an inch.

“I don’t think we are going to have a too big of a flooding problem in the Concho Valley. This afternoon we may see a few thunderstorms develop once it gets warmer, with a 50 percent chance of rain until 1 p.m., but probably only a couple isolated storms while most areas will stay dry,” Johnson continued.

According to Johnson the Concho Valley is looking at a “cooler” day Sunday, compared to the upcoming work week. Temperatures will be around 90 degrees Sunday, which will change to warmer weather Monday with a high of 96.

“Temperatures will only go up from there,” Johnson said, “and the weather will be mostly sunny.”

The Concho Valley is expected to have generally warm and dry weather conditions for the next week, but because temperatures are high some isolated storms could appear in the western part of the Concho Valley, especially from Sterling city to Mertzon and west, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. San Angelo only has a 20 percent chance of rain those three days.

“At the end of the work week we are looking at temperatures getting close to a 100 degrees,” Johnson said. “Right now we are thinking that the rainfall we have had has given San Angelo a lot of vegetation and a lot of moist soil, which may keep temperature down just a little. However, it is going to keep humidity up at the same time, so it will become a little uncomfortable just as we get toward the second half of the week.”