Adobe Signs & T-shirts Up For Sale

The owner of Adobe Signs & T-shirts took to Facebook at around 7 this morning to let everyone know the small business is up for sale.

Andy Allen’s post stated that the business, as well as the office supplies within it, were all up for sale.

Allen stated that he is selling because his “heart just isn’t in it and I’m not sure it ever was”.

The owner stated that he has discovered he prefers to be out and about engaging with people rather than stuck in the shop all day.

High praises to the staff at Adobe, Randy, Bethany, and Lexi, were also given in this informational social media post.

Allen stated that he enjoyed working with them, admired their willingness to get the job done with little supervision and that he would miss his coworkers the most.

Adobe SIgns & T-shirts is located at 2013 Junius St. in San Angelo.

It has been in business for over 20 years and provides services in screen printing and sign designs.