8-month old found with only scratches after being thrown from a vehicle in Arkansas rollover

After the vehicle she was traveling in was clipped by an 18-wheeler, causing it to roll over and eject her, an eight-month-old infant was found by paramedics with only scratches Friday night in Texarkana, Arkansas.

First responders say after the baby was thrown from the vehicle, she ended up in a storm drain 25 feet away with just a scratch on her forehead, according to mysa.com. They said they believe she landed in the soft hay along the highway’s median and rolled down a hill into the drain.

Four other people, along with the infant, were taken to the hospital. All of them, except the driver, were released.

The driver of the 18-wheeler was issued a citation for improper and unsafe lane change.

The baby’s car seat was not properly installed and she wasn’t properly secured in the seat. No citations were issued to the child’s family.