7-year old Japanese boy found alive 6 days after parents left him in forest as punishment

A 7-year old Japanese boy has been found alive six days after his parents dropped him off in a forest as punishment for misbehaving. Media sources in Japan said the boy was left in the forest May 28. The boy was reportedly found by Military Ground Self Defense Forces inside one of their training facilities. They say the child had been staying in the hut and sleeping on a mattress since the day he was left.

He reportedly drank water from one of the faucets at the facility. The boy was flown by helicopter to a hospital where a doctor said he was slightly dehydrated and had a low body temperature. He was being treated with IV fluids and will remain in the hospital for further tests.

The child’s parents allegedly first reported that the child was missing while his parents were picking edible wild plants in the forest before admitting they dropped him off as punishment for throwing stones at cars.