More than 4,100 ballots cast in early voting for Saturday’s runoff election

More than 4,100 San Angelo voters have cast their ballots early for the July 2 runoff elections. Up for election on Saturday are the Single Member District 5 City Council seat, a three-year term, and the San Angelo Police Chief seat, which will be a four-year term.

Voters citywide will elect a police chief and residents in SMD 5 will elect their City Council representative for the next three years. Candidates for each office in the order they appear on the ballot are:
•    Police chief – Tim Vasquez, Frank Carter.
•    District 5 – Elizabeth Miller Grindstaff, Lane Carter.

In the first seven of nine days of early voting, 4,103 ballots have been cast. During early voting for the May primary election, 4,457 early votes were cast. According to the City of San Angelo Public Information Office, by comparison, 2,420 early ballots were cast in the 2012 police chief election; 2,746 ballots were cast early for the 2015 mayoral election; and 2,170 early votes were cast for the November City charter election.


Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. July 2. Registered voters may vote at any of the following 20 location for the races they are eligible to vote:

Angelo Bible Church
3506 Sherwood Way
Belmore Baptist Church
1214 S. Bell St.
Calvary Baptist Church
2321 Armstrong St.
Christoval Community Center
20222 Main, Christoval
Community Medical Center
3501 Knickerbocker Road
Concho Valley Transit District
510 N. Chadbourne St.
First Assembly of God
1442 Edmund Blvd.
Grape Creek ISD Administration Building
8207 US Hwy 87 N
Keating Paint and Body
5050 N. Chadbourne St.
1501 W. Beauregard Ave.
Paulann Baptist Church
2531 Smith Blvd.
Plaza del Sol Apartments
4375 Oak Grove Blvd.
SA Public Housing Authority
420 East 28th St.
Segunda Iglesia Bautista Church
530 W. Avenue T
Southgate Church of Christ
528 Country Club Road
St. Ambrose Catholic Church
8602 Loop 570, Wall
4502 Knickerbocker Road, Bldg. E
Veribest Baptist Church
50 FM 2334, Veribest
Wesley Trinity United Methodist Church
301 W. 18th St.
West Texas Rehab Conference Center
1925 University Ave.


Curbside voting is available for those who are physically unable to enter a polling location. Mailed ballots must be received at the Elections Office by July 2.


As a voter

You Have:

  • The right to a ballot with written instructions on how to cast the ballot.
  • The right to cast your vote in secret and free from intimidation.
  • The right to receive up to two more ballots if a mistake is made while marking the ballot.
  • The right to ask the polling place official for instructions on how to cast the ballot, but not for suggestions on how to vote.
  • The right to bring a interpreter to assist you as you qualify to vote if you do not understand the English language.
  • The right to assistance while casting your ballot if you cannot write, see the ballot, or understand the language in which it is written.
  • The right to bring written materials into the voting booth to assist you as you cast the ballot.
  • The right to report possible voting rights abuse to the Secretary of State or to your local elections official.
  • The right to cast a provisional ballot if your name does not appear on the list of registered voters or you do not have proper identification.
  • The right to file an administrative complaint with the Secretary of State concerning violations of federal and state voting procedures.

You May Not:

  • Vote in an election in which you know that you are not eligible to vote.
  • Vote twice in an election.
  • Provide assistance to a voter who is not eligible to receive assistance.
  • Suggest how another person should vote by work, sign or gesture while in the polling place.
  • Intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person from voting or attempting to vote.
  • Electioneer or loiter within 100 feet of the entrance to the polling place or inside the polling place.
  • Buy or sell your ballot.
  • Deposit a ballot in the ballot box that was not given to you by an election official.


Voter eligibility:

Identification Requirements

Required Identification for Voting in Person

IF PHOTO ID is required, the following Identification requirements will consist of:

  • Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
  • Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
  • Texas concealed handgun license issued by DPS
  • United States military identification card containing the person’s photograph
  • United States citizenship certificate containing the person’s photograph
  • United States passport

With the exception of the U.S. citizenship certificate, the identification must be current or have expired no more than 60 days before being presented for voter qualification at the polling place.

IF PHOTO ID is not required, the Identification requirements will consist of the following:

Voter should present Voter Registration Certificate.

If the voter does not have a Voter Registration Certificate, the following acceptable forms of ID are:

  1. A driver’s license or personal identification certificate issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety or similar documents from another state;
  2. A form of identification that contains a photograph that establishes a person’s identity (such as an employee identification card);
  3. A birth certificate or other document confirming birth that is admissible in a court of law and establishes a person’s identity;
  4. United States citizenship papers;
  5. A United States passport;
  6. official mail addressed to the person by name from a governmental agency;
  7. A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the name and address of the voter; or
  8. Any other form of identification presented by the Secretary of State’s office.


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