County Constable, Precinct 2 race

Constables serve as licensed peace officers and perform various law enforcement functions including issuing traffic citations. Additionally, they serve warrants and civil papers such as subpoenas and temporary restraining orders. They also serve as bailiffs for Justice of the Peace courts. 

Incumbent Deen Dickson is running for Constable, Precinct 2. He has served in this position for the past 10 years. Overall, Dickson has 22 years of experience with the San Angelo Police Department. The idea to run for constable came about when he was looking to retire, but still wanted to be involved in law enforcement.

Right about the time he was searching for different options, the constable for Precinct 2 resigned to pursue another job offer in another town. Dickson was appointed by county commissioners to serve out the rest of the term as constable.

Dickson said, “I like serving the people. I’ve done it for 32 years and I’m not ready to stop serving. I enjoy what I do and I enjoy the part of law enforcement that I do, which is mostly civil, bailiff for the courts.”

Dickson feels he has done a good job serving as constable and is very knowledgeable. He said he wouldn’t change much. He feels constables do a great job, but there is always room for improvement in every job. In this position the job really doesn’t change unless laws change.

Dickson has been endorsed by the San Angelo Police Officer’s Political Action Committee; the San Angelo Association of Realtors; Sheriff David Jones; Police Chief Tim Vasquez; Constables Randy Harris and James Smith; and Tom Green County commissioners Aubrey De Cordova and Bill Ford.


Dusty Thompson is running against Dickson. This is the first time he’s run for an elected position.

Thompson is the owner of Southern Industrial Engine and Southern Industrial Towing. He doesn’t have a background in law enforcement but said he isn’t happy with the current constable and decided he would try to do something about it by running for the position.

“I would rather get out and work for my community and not do the bare minimum. The current constable here doesn’t go and work with the community.” Thompson said.

If elected, he would get out in the community and work with citizens. Thompson said he has talked to many people in Precinct 2 and many people don’t know who the current constable is. Thompson said he’ll change that.

“If elected I am elected for a four-year term; if anyone wants to talk to Dusty Thompson they will be able to do so, 24/7. I believe you are elected for four years. This isn’t an 8-5, Monday through Friday job.” Thompson said. “I want to make Precinct 2 the safest precinct in Tom Green County.”

Thompson chose to run without endorsements even though the opportunity was presented several times.