County Commissioner, Precinct 1 race

Incumbent Ralph Hoelscher is running against Willie Ruiz for Tom Green County Commissioner, Precinct 1.  

Hoelscher is seeking re-election so he can continue to serve the people of his precinct.

“I want to see several projects completed. There are several renovations taking place and possibly new construction of a north library location.” he said.

Hoelscher said he wants to keep pushing for the same things he has done in the past, which is to serve the people.  While serving as county commissioner, Precinct 1, Hoelscher said he has lowered the tax rate the last two years and taxes have not been raised in his 12 years in office.

If reelected, Hoelscher said he will continue to work with the budget and how taxpayer money is spent. Hoelscher said, “I want to see more money go towards road work. Hopefully reduce the tax rate and not raise the rate because of the construction of the new jail.”


Willie Ruiz is running against Hoelscher. Ruiz has been a resident of Tom Green County for 34 years. He’s been married for 33 years and has four children. Ruiz graduated from Angelo State University with studies in accounting, finance, science and nursing. He has spent the last 30 years farming.

Ruiz said he is running to give the people of Tom Green County a fresh choice and a new view.

If elected, Ruiz said, “I want a smoother running county government. There is a turnover in employees in the county and I want to find out what triggers that and what will keep people working with the county. I want to find a way to do things more cost effectively and save taxpayer money.”