24-hour charity paint challenge at Vino Dipinte

A 24-hour painting challenge will be taken on Thursday Feb. 18 at Vino Dipinte Art Gallery, 602 Orient St., by owner and gallery director Alejandro Castanon.

Paint-a-Thon began after Dipinte heard there was a high demand for charity art donations in San Angelo. This is the second year he will be hosting the event.

Castanon’s goal is to create 18 paintings within 24 hours, which will be donated to 18 different charities a few days after the event. ¬†Each of the non-profit charities has provided him a canvas that he will be using during the event and return to them completed.

The event will also be filmed and posted on Facebook and later made into a time-lapse video on Youtube and alejandrocastanon.com.