2016 Rodeo parade weaves through downtown San Angelo

San Angelo Rodeo parade 2016San Angelo Rodeo parade 2016

Riding groups, JROTC formations, drill teams, classic cars and tractors, team and company mascots and floats weaved their way through downtown San Angelo for the 2016 San Angelo Rodeo parade.

What began as a chilly early morning soon warmed right before the parade kicked off. Spectators lined the sidewalks and the backs of pickup trucks and SUVs to watch the event.

The San Angelo Rodeo Ambassadors rode through the streets dressed to the nines with bright smiles, and flags blowing in the breeze.

JROTC formations from San Angelo Central and Lake View high schools marched to a cadence, while the Central Tex-Anns marched to their own beat.

Antique tractors chugged up the road, with some of the drivers turning figure eight’s at each turn.

See the San Angelo NOW’s photos of the parade below.


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