Female construction worker crushed to death in San Antonio

A 19-year-old female construction worker was killed at a San Antonio construction site on Monday, when a foreman crushed her with a backhoe while both worked on the city’s West Side according to Patch.com.

EMTs responded to a call about an injured person at around 10:30 a.m. Monday. Upon arriving at the scene, they found Destiny Rodriguez had been crushed to death.

The young woman was inside a dig site when the operator of the backhoe dropped the bucket on top of her, a Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said. The woman died at the scene and the backhoe operator was hospitalized for shock.

Some two dozen relatives arrived at the construction site after being notified by authorities, weeping in each others’ arms as they grieved the young woman’s death. A sister of the victim told a reporter the victim had been injured before when the same backhoe operator allegedly knocked her leg with the backhoe, resulting in a grapefruit-sized bruise on the back of her leg.

The victim had recently complained about lax safety guidelines to the construction company, Step It Up, for whom she worked, the San Antonio Express-News reported.