17-year old in custody in Odessa, charged with capital murder of parents

A 17-year old male has been arrested on capital murder charges in the death of his parents.

In a live report from the scene, CBS 7 interviewed an unidentified Odessa Police Department spokesperson early Wednesday.

The officer indicated that police were called to a home on the 5300 block of Conley Street in Odessa at 4:56 a.m. Wednesday.

Upon arrival, officers found two deceased adults in the residence. After investigation, 17-year old James McDonald was taken into police custody and charged with capital murder. McDonald is believed to have killed his parents at the residence in what the spokesperson said was a “tragic situation.”

Police say no motive is known,

CBS 7 photojournalist Daniel Alvarado reported live from the scene Wednesday and said no further information was available. Alvarado said more information would be posted to CBS7’s Facebook page and on the station when it becomes available.

In Texas, capital murder is eligible for the death penalty. In order to be a capital murder charge the offense must meet one of the circumstances statutorily specified within the law.