12-year old Maine boy takes joyride in stolen bus

A 12-year old boy in Bangor, Maine, landed himself in hot water after he took a stolen school bus on a joyride this week.

According to a release from the Bangor Police Department, the joyride, which was captured on video, was stopped by a Good Samaritan, John W. St. Germain III. Police say St. Germain waited until the boy stopped the bus at an intersection, jumped out of his own vehicle and “Ralph Kramden’d” his way in through the bus doors.

St. Germain took control of what police described as the “blue, rolling missile of destruction,” ending the joyride.

The child was taken into custody. Police credit St. Germain with saving damage to property and injury or death of the child or other drivers, including himself.

The Bangor Police Department presented St. Germain with a BPD challenge coin as part of its thanks for his efforts.



st germain                                                                   St. Germain at the Bangor PD