$10,000 raised for Free Animal Adoption Event

San Angelo resident and loyal supporter of the San Angelo Animal Shelter, Jennifer McConn, raised $10,000 to underwrite the adoption of animals at the shelter Saturday March 5.

San Angelo Animal Shelter

The money was raised from donations from hundreds of people from across the country, not just from San Angelo, McConn said. Besides donations from San Angelo citizens, some donors were from Virginia, Washington state and California.

Adoption Event

The free “Find Your Lucky Charm” adoption event lasted from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. By 1:30 p.m. approximately 65 families and potential adopters had stopped by the facility.

To try to keep it as organized as possible, they called people in one number at a time where they got to meet with a possible pet, decide if they wanted to adopt or not and then go from there.

Animal adoption event

One of the many families that visited the shelter was the family of Jonathan Reyna, who were there to find a good dog for him and his wife, Jessica. They were accompanied by his mother, Iris Bautista, and his siblings, Jonathan Moya, Josiah Reyna and Jayleen Reyna.

Family adopting a dog

Pictured are (from left): Jonathan Moya, Josiah Reyna, Iris Bautista, Jayleen Reyna, Jessica Reyna, Jonathan Reyna.

Jonathan Reyna said he hoped he could find an Australian Shepherd, but most importantly he wanted to help a dog that needs a loving home. The age of the dog did not matter to him.

“I don’t want to get another dog from ‘out there’. I want a dog that’s in here who needs my help” Jonathan said.

Josiah and Jayleen were also very excited that their older brother was getting a new pet. The family loves animals, and believes that it is more important to help an animal that does not have a home, than to buy one from a breeder.

Animal adoption

Animal adoption

McConn said it’s been a very exciting day and that she is very pleased about the high turnout. She did not intend to raise that much money, it just happened out of the goodness of peoples hearts.

“It worked out in everybody’s favor and the money that is left will float over to other future and similar adoption events” she said.